Go Behind The Scenes Of A Profitable,Lean 1-Person Business

Take the guesswork out of what it really takes to start a laidback online business with The Blueprint

My name is Cody Burch, and in January 2023, I had to rebuild my business from the ground up.

I started my online journey in 2017.

Before I knew it, I had grown a boutique digital agency to multi-six figures a year through courses, coaching, and online events.

In 2022, one of my private coaching clients made me an offer to come to work for them full-time.

While I was excited to take the offer and help them grow their mission, I was sad to shut down my entrepreneurial business.

I closed the membership, offboarded private clients, and canceled coaching contracts.

Unfortunately, six months later, the job didn't work out, and I was let go 2 weeks before Christmas.

In January 2023, I had no clients, no revenue, and no plan for the year.

By May, 5 short months later, I hosted 3 successful virtual events, launched VIP Days, and even held my own in-person 2.5-day event where I filled a high-ticket mastermind.

I was back.

Along the way, I got questions from onlookers and passers-by.

"How are you rebuilding so quickly?"

"Why did you do this first, then that?"

"What advice would you give to someone starting out online?"

I wanted to help these people gain confidence and clarity and demystify what really went into (re)building a streamlined, profitable business... but I wasn't sure how.

But I noticed:

People are confused, misled, or afraid of online businesses. It's time for that to change.

Here's the problem with the state of online education in 2023.

People show off the mountain-top accomplishments but not the path they took to get there.

It's easier than ever to sugar-coat and cherry-pick the highlights of a business so it looks 100% glamorous without showing the scars.

Building a business is hard, and there are peaks and valleys along the way. Victories are soon followed by setbacks... over and over again. It can be really frustrating.

What if there were a way to see the real story of what someone was doing, week-by-week to build a strong, profitable business???

Honestly, the first 6 months of 2023 have gone better than I could have imagined.

But I have so much left to do.

From launching a new community, writing books, hosting challenges, and leveling up my vision...

My to-do list is massive (and important).

That's where you come in.

I'm shining the light under the bed to prove there are no marketing monsters.

Introducing The Blueprint.

The Blueprint is your unfiltered front-row seat to watching me build a 7-figure online business from the ground up.

Nothing is off-limits.

I'm baring it all.

You'll see: