Most entrepreneurs overcomplicate three critical things:

  1. List Building: Steadily attracting our target market so we can help them

  2. Launching: Creating buying pressure in a laidback way to deploy our offers

  3. Offers: Creating products and services that we love to deliver and people love to buy

Doing those three things wrong (i.e., “frantic”) leads to burnout, confusion, and complexity.

It makes us feel like we’re never enough, we’ll never stack up to the competition and never make it work. It makes us want to throw in the towel.

We started our entrepreneurial journey to have more time freedom, money freedom and relationship freedom…

But, executed incorrectly, we work harder for less money than before.

I say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”  There’s a better way forward.

And it doesn’t require:

  • Complex funnels

  • Constant self-promotion

  • Stress

  • Overwhelm

That’s where the Laidback Business Accelerator comes in.

The Accelerator is a 2-month group program designed to help you build and launch a laidback online business so you can truly experience life.

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